Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common skeletal diseases in dogs and affects millions of dogs worldwide. As the disease progresses, a dog's hip joints degenerate, causing increased pain and mobility issues for the dog. If left untreated, a dog will eventually be unable to use his/her hind legs and suffer extreme pain.


However, the vast majority of dogs with hip dysplasia can lead full and active lives if the disease is diagnosed early enough and proper treatment is given and maintained.


Early Diagnosis and Treatment is the key


How do you know if it’s hip dysplasia? Your dog can’t explain what’s wrong with them, so it’s important to watch their non-verbal clues closely and take even subtle changes seriously.


Signs that your dog may have hip dysplasia:

  • Exercise intolerance
  • Bunny hopping (especially up stairs)
  • Swaying gait (rear end moves back and forth in pronounced fashion)
  • Stiffness/pain
  • Difficulty getting up from lying or sitting positions
  • Sitting in "frog" position (one hip splays out)
  • Reluctance to run, jump, climb stairs
  • Evinces pain when touched
  • Hind-limb lameness, often worse after exercise
  • Back legs closer together than front legs
  • As hip dysplasia progresses the following symptoms may appear:
  • Muscle wastage in the hind quarters
  • Arthritis (especially in later onset)
  • Very reluctant to be touched
  • Unexplained aggressive behaviour

If your dog seems to have any of these symptoms take them to your veterinarian for an evaluation.


The best thing to do for your dog in managing their hip dysplasia is to get a diagnosis and start a treatment plan as soon as possible.



THE DOG STUDIO offer tailored treatments for hip dysplasia with excellent results using a combination of spa, swimming pool and underwater treadmill we strengthen the muscles around their hips, which reduces stress on the joint itself, this is probably the best treatment for hip dysplasia along with a healthy diet and pain relief devised by your vet


The pleasure we get from helping dogs with hip dysplasia is enormous you can almost see the relief on their faces as they enter the warm water and the weight is taken off their limbs and of course while they are swimming they are building up other  muscles including the heart which has got to be good.


We offer the first session for free this allows you and your dog to come and meet us to see what we are all about and discuss the best treatment for your dog.


Trish being resued by our boy Ozzie for "Tol's appeal" raising money for children's leukemia. with thanks to our customers Trish raised £265 in sponsorship

Dr Scott Miller during filming
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