Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is controlled exercise that takes place in warm water. This offers a weightless environment avoiding stresses to limbs, tendons and joints.

What are the benefits?

Swimming in warm water allows the body to achieve increased mobility in stiff or sore joints and helps to build muscle mass around the affected area. Swimming sessions also provide mental stimulation and help prevent depression in a dog which has restricted movement.

What breed of dog may swim?

All breeds can benefit and all are welcome. We cater for all, from the smallest Chihuahuas to the largest Newfoundland’s.

What results should I expect?

Hydrotherapy improves fitness; in most cases it reduces lameness and improves the general well-being of the dog. You should expect a healthier, livelier, more supple and content pet.

How often should my dog swim?

This depends on your dog's level of fitness and condition. In the early stages of treatment we recommend twice a week. This may reduce to once a week or less as the response to hydrotherapy improves.

Will the chlorine harm my dog?

No, we regularly check and adjust our water to ensure that the chlorine level is within the recommended guidelines for human pools. This ensures that the pool water is hygienic and completely safe for your dog to swim in. A shower is given after their swim. Many owners tell us that their dog's coat condition improves after a few sessions. Canine hydrotherapy pools have used chlorine safely for many years.

Do I need my vet's permission to swim my dog?

Yes. We require our Clients to confirm their Vet has no objections to hydrotherapy as a treatment for the dog's condition. This means that we can help your dog in the best possible way. This is because we will know your dog’s exact problem; if your dog is swimming for fitness or weight loss we must know that he has no heart problems.


All this means that we require confirmation from your Vet explaining any medical conditions or injuries.

Can my dog come for Hydrotherapy without a referral?

No, we must understand your dog's condition and fitness level. We can then offer a treatment program tailored to your dog's needs. Your Vet must confirm they agree to the dog swimming with us.

What temperature is the pool?

We keep the pool at an average temperature of 29-20 Centigrade. This ensures optimum muscle relaxation and blood vessel dilation to enable maximum benefit from the pool's weightless environment. Our spa is heated to 38 Centigrade.

Will my dog be dried after a session?

Yes, we shower, shampoo and dry every dog.



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